Phenomenal Women Debutantes Vowing to Wait

The Phenomenal Women of Freewill Ministries, Inc. will present Phenomenal Women Debutantes to Christ.

They are officially ladies in waiting.  With a commitment ring encircling her finger, each of the 2013 Phenomenal Women debutantes will vow to remain a virtuous woman until her day of marriage.

 For the fifteenth year in a row, Phenomenal Women debutante program founder Sharon D. Jones has provided and excellence opportunity for hundreds of young women ages 15 to 19 make the same commitment as these debutantes will make on Friday evening, April 19 at 6:00 p.m. in the presence of many witnesses during the annual cotillion at Corrine Jones Center on Saunders Beach.

“I will abstain from all sexual conduct, until my day of marriage,” the debutantes will solemnly pledge during the cotillion’s sacred ceremony.

Started in 1999, is when Jones began the debutante program.  Each year, the cotillion is the major activity culminating the debutantes’ four-month-long journey through womanhood.

During group sessions leading up to the cotillion, the debutantes discussed topics such as Christianity, sex abstinence, dating, social grace, etiquette, social media, public speaking, community outreach, education and success.  The program focused also on one-to-one mentoring and peer fellowship.

“My love and concern for the teenagers motivates me to help them understand that if they wait, they will be able to reap the abundance of opportunities that God has predestine for them,” said Jones, co-pastor of Freewill Ministries and founder and President of Phenomenal Women.

“Because I have a mandate from God, and out of obedience and submissive will to Him, I dare not quit. There are times when I feel that I cannot go another year, but God give me the grace and fortitude to continue on, and I thank Him for that.”

As long as peer pressure is out there, Jones said there is always a major need to help young women remain virtuous. Just look around you, she said.

“The peer pressure will always come, but it is my prayer that the ring will always be a reminder of the vow they made to God,” Jones added.

The cotillion will highlights each of the debutantes’ personal achievements and goal.  Formal 2012 Phenomenal Women debutante Kinikia Cooper will be the guest speaker.  To purchase a ticket ($35) for this grand affair, contact (850) 346-1145 or to enroll your daughter in 2015 debutante program, contact Sharon Jones, Phenomenal Women Debutante Program at (850) 637-1526.

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