Phi Delta Kappa, Inc. Sponsors Annual Project Red 2016


By: Debra Haynes

The National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc., Alpha Phi Chapter of Pensacola, Florida, had its annual Project Red 2016.  The theme for this year was “Black History in America-featuring President Barack Obama”.  The event took place in the city on February 29, 2016, at The Greater Union Baptist Church where Dr. Michael Thompson is the esteemed pastor.  Debra Haynes, chairperson and member of the sorority, along with other members, Esther Gregory and Francine Parker worked with students in the church tutorial program to celebrate Black History in America with the youngsters.  This year’s focus was on the legacy of the two terms that President Barack Obama served in the White House.  They were read stories to them with the objective of concluding the main idea whenever reading and listening to factual information.  Vocabulary enrichment activities and decoding of words helped them in retaining the information for long term memory.  The upper grade levels did a reader’s theater and was given a questionnaire to check their comprehension as well as other activities.  The culminating activity consist of a game “Obama Trivia Pursuit” in which they got to answer questions for prizes and share knowledge that they learned with their parents.  Each child also received a certificate of attendance and bookmarks containing facts on President Obama.  There were approximately 10 students and 20 adults in attendance.  The program director, Mrs. Caroline King, thanked the sorority for rendering their services and extended and open invitation for future years to come.

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