Powerhouse Ministries Celebrates Six Year Anniversary

Celebrating 6 years pastor appreciation, friends, family and church members came together to honor the lovely couple, Pastor Bruce & Cheryl Gulley leaders of Power House Ministries 2200 Jordan Street Pensacola Florida.

This powerful duo has been married for 22 years and pastoring for 6 years. Pastor Gulley does community outreach in Oakwood Terrace Apartment feeding and ministering to the complex community.  In addition, Pastor Gulley also involved in the Prayer Walk every 1st and 3rd Saturday with Bishop & Dr. Janice Crenshaw.

Pastor Gulley has a deep love for the Lord and he is a family man.
His sisters Joan Gulley said “I Thank God for my Brother and Pastor Bruce Gulley.  Apostle Bruce Gulley has been doing the work of the Lord since he was12 years old. He has always had favor over his life. He just doesn’t preach it but he walks it.”

Apostle Gulley will go out his way and give his last. He is a God original; surely not a copy, definitely not duplicate, but a God original! I can shout right there”

Pastor Gulley wants to thank everyone for coming out to support him on his and his wife’s.

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