Powerhouse Realtor and Author Melanie Gamble Returns to Roots

Melanie Gamble, who grew up in Pensacola as Melanie Mercer, has written a new book titled “Unintended Consequences – The Great Recession’s Impact on Communities of Color”. Mrs. Gamble was in Pensacola this past Thanksgiving weekend taking time out from relaxing during the holiday for a book signing opportunity at Pensacola’s African-American owned bookstore, The Gathering. Gamble’s public relations material describes the book as “packed with powerful tips to help potential homeowners make smart decisions about their greatest asset. Nationwide — Home is where the heart is, but you have to use your head”.
Gamble in her own words states, “I wrote this book because I am passionate about educating communities of color in the areas of real estate and finances. My people perish for lack of knowledge”. Gamble says. “I’m not necessarily looking for the dollar today. The real estate business is more than transactional. It’s about having a relationship. I firmly believe that if I help you today then you will remember me for life.”
In an interview with the Gulf Coast voice, Gamble shared memories of growing up in Pensacola and is not running from her local or regional roots. Gamble left Pensacola to attend Florida A&M University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. While in graduate school, Gamble became the first woman and youngest Executive Director of the Florida Conference of Black State Legislators. Her proudest moment came during the 1994 legislative session when she had the opportunity to work with the descendants of Rosewood, Florida. Her public relations profile shares how she “lobbied exceptionally hard for the introduction and passage of the Rosewood bill, which awarded the descendants of Rosewood, FL more than $3 million in reparations”.
Gamble is an author, speaker, real estate expert and entrepreneur. She is the owner of a RE/MAX franchise and 212 Degrees Realty, LLC. Melanie is supported by a real estate team Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia marketplace and has been named as one of the highest-producing real estate agents in the nation. She articulated in the Gulf Coast Voice interview that she understands the strategic role she plays in the lives of her clients by assisting them to acquire a home to raise a family, live their lives, generating memories for a lifetime. However, she accentuates the reality that a home also is the place to build equity and wealth for their economic future.
The book, “Unintended Consequences” is described by Gamble as being relevant reading for all ages from millennials to senior citizens. The book is a hot new entre on retail book shelves and can be purchased at the Gathering and Book Center at 111 North DeVilliers St. in the Historic Belmont and DeVilliers Business District.

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