Prepared to meet the King!

By Amber Vaughan

Last Friday evening , echoes of praise and worship could be heard outside the doors of Kingdom Builders Christian Ministries, which is situated behind the Silver Screen Theatre on Plantation road. Celebrating “A Purple Ladies Conference 2012,” the “Women of the Kingdom,” presented a three-day conference full of “preaching, reaching and teaching”.

Centered around honoring God, the theme for this year’s conference was “A Prepared Woman to Meet the King.”

First Lady and Elder of KBCM, Jennifer D. Gooden said that too often, people focus on getting a personal breakthrough or deliverance from a situation, when the only focus should be God. “We are to honor The King every day, of our lives,” beseeched Gooden.

“I just believe that when we honor The King – and give him the glory that he so rightfully deserves – because we have honored him and have acknowledged him …he will say to us, ‘Okay, you want your healing, you want your deliverance – you want to be set free…I will honor that to you. I will acknowledge you because you have acknowledged me.”

Gooden also said in addition to honoring God, attendees were instructed on becoming P.R.E.P.A.R.E.D (Positioned, Ready, [an] Example, [a] Planner, [take] Action, [be] Extraordinary and Determined) women of God.”

Barbara Riley, a member of KBCM who also attended the conference said, she believed a conference directed toward women was needed. “I realize the importance of women helping women, coming together dealing with women issues on levels that are direct, spiritual and just keeping it real.”

Although primarily geared toward women, Gooden said her message of being “prepared” applies to both men and women. She continued: When Jesus comes back, he is looking for the “church” (commonly referred to by theologians as “the Bride”) –the entire body of Christ – to be without a blemish, not just women.

With Gooden closing out the conference on Sunday morning, she was preceded Friday night by Co-Pastor Dianna Smith from Jackson, Miss. and a buffet style dinner. Saturday morning included brunch and a discussion led by panelists: Pastor Mary Askew of Evergreen, Ala. Evangelist Teresa Thompson of Jackson Miss. and Minister Carla Witherspoon of Pensacola, designated as the “Teacher, Reacher and Preacher” for the morning.

Overall Gooden said – if attendees received nothing more – she prays that “the word of God,” resonated in their spirits throughout the weekend – citing that was the only “real” way that a personal transformation could occur.

“It’s the word that’s going to bring things into alignment. It’s the word of God that’s going to have you act right. It’s the word of God that’s going to have you talk right – but if you’re not “positioned”…in the church, where you can hear the word, you’re going to continuing to walking in a manner that is unpleasing to Christ.”

Kingdom Builder’s Chrisitian Ministries is located at 7280 Plantation Rd. Suite I.

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