Progressive Black Women Coalition, Inc. of Escambia County Sponsors Know Your Rights Town Hall Meeting

Community members, leaders, ministers and concerned citizens came to Macedonia Baptist Church Saturday afternoon to understand their rights and discuss what bills were passed and didn’t pass in the Tallahassee legislature.

Leading the discussion was director of the Civic Black Engagement Group, Ms. Beverly Neil.  Ms. Neil gave insight to voter rights and how we as citizens are entitled to freedoms that have been denied due to lack of knowledge.

“The information she gave really helps gets us connected to Tallahassee and the due process,” said Georgia Blackmon, Political Chair.  She brought two books up that deals with legislation as well as information on governing the election for 2014.”

Carol McIntosh, President of the Chapter stated “We are a new organization that’s just beginning.  For the first time of conducting such a workshop, the response was excellent,”

“Also, this information was invaluable.  It gave them quite a bit of knowledge that they left with something in their hands as well as something in their minds.

Ms. Neil holds numerous titles.  She is also a board member of the National Congress of Black Women and she has extensive relationships and collaboration with legislators in Tallahassee and Washington D.C.

The Progress Black Women will be working in collaboration with the Civic Engagement Group to obtain a list of names of individual that have been released from jail but have not gotten their voting rights restored.  They will be working throughout the Florida area to obtain a data base to present to the legislators to make them aware of the need to get the rights of these individuals restored.

Under the guise of Ms. Neil, the group will also contact people not registered Democrat or Republican and encourage them to vote.

“We have a group of concerned citizens that want to know; they want to learn so that when it’s time to vote they can make an informed decision.” Said Blackmon

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