Kay Mitchell of Florida Blue and Ernestine Dunklin of Cumulus share a smile at the Pensacola Network

By: Robin Reshard

(PNS) About eighty entrepreneurs, business executives, and community members networked and shared ideas for growth and development at the Pensacola on Friday, August 26, at DeVilliers Square in Historic Belmont DeVilliers.  Progressive community development was highlighted with special guest Douglas Brown, executive director of Community Action Program Committee (CAPC).  As one of the nation’s longest running economic and community development agencies, CAPC has assisted individuals and families achieve self-sufficiency for over forty years in Escambia County.  Brown shared his personal and professional journey that brought him to advocate for clear, positive and sustainable practices for the agency’s customers, employees, and partners.

For progressive community development to happen, he stressed the importance for communities being impacted to have a voice at the table, sighting the example of the agency’s board of one-third private sector, one-third public sector or elected officials, and one-third members of the target communities.  “Nothing is being done without that voice,” Brown said, “and anything that that voice does not like, they have the right to have that not happen because they own it.”

“As we move into our fourth year, it’s important to continue to share the vast community resources that ensure our neighbors, communities, and businesses progress positively,” said Lloyd Reshard, the event organizer and CEO of Cognitive Big Data Systems.  Reshard said that opportunities to connect with forward-thinking leaders are one of the keys that make the Pensacola Network successful.  “They reveal their innermost thoughts on their successes and challenges and this helps all of us realize the value in different thoughts and ideas for our area’s growth,” said Reshard.

The next Pensacola is Friday, September 23.

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