Protestors March at the Pensacola Airport


People from all walks of life came to protest the ban of Muslims from seven countries entering the United States Saturday at the Pensacola Airport. Hundreds of protestors gathered to join other protestors around the nation to show solidarity against President’s Trump temporary ban on immigrants coming to the United States.

Virginia Byers marched at the Women’s rally as well as this protest. “I am here because I couldn’t stay home for what’s been going in the country. I’ve got to be here representing the real America. We are the majority.”

Ali Moses was there participating because he was there to fight for his rights. “I don’t believe this country was built on fear. People are scared and this has got to stop. It’s got to stop right now.” He said.

Cheryl Jeffries Smith also participated in the protest. I’m out here to support my Muslim brothers and sisters. I think Trump’s policies are just un-American and discrimination against any race or any group of people is discrimination against everyone.” She went on to voice her frustration with the administration’s policies by writing her congressman on a daily basis. “I’ve been sending emails, postcards and to let the rest of the world know everyone does not feel the way Trump feels. Most of America knows this country was built by immigrants. Everyone here is an immigrant.”

Sandra Booker MrCreary stated that “I have to be out here. We have 13 grandchildren. And the country has to stay a free land where all of us are welcome. This country is made up of refugees. None of us are from here. Are you Native American? Everyone out here is a refugee. His wife is not from the United States. How can he ban people from this country? We do not want a Fascist country. We have a free country and want to continue to have a free country.”



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