Publisher’s Peace: Building Wealth is a Must!

Contributing Correspondent: C. Dwayne West

I can’t say enough about how important it is for black folks to not just think about but put strategies in place to implement wealth creation. It’s our one salvation to prosperity, having progressive communities and a basic quality of life for our families. It’s the key to start the engine that allows the driver to even pick up passengers along the way so they can also join in the wealth building journey.

In last week’s edition of TBTNews, we presented an amazing look at Loop Capital’s CEO Jim Reynolds; a black dude from Englewood who now manages several billion-dollar projects. He has built a very successful company that hires several hundred people; half of them which are black folk who’ve to escape some of the ills of urban ghettos. Jim emailed me after the article hit inboxes to say thanks for the shout out and that he hopes more black people would think big and dream even bigger. He’s evidence that anything is possible with hard work and a plan. We arranged to meet soon to further discuss wealth creation.

I find it amazing every time I hear someone say that building wealth is not black folks’ number one priority, but it’s combatting violence. I say those people who express that are either blind, deaf and/or dumb. I don’t mean to be harsh, but how can any logical individual believe that violence prevention ranks higher than making money? If you make and accumulate massive loot, it changes the trajectory of many of black people’s challenges. It improves education and creates jobs that transform communities and families. And once you remove families from poverty, you instantly reduce violence where you live, work and play.

Another example of wealth building was this most recently staged boxing match. I completely ignored the fake news this past weekend called the Mayweather – McGregor fight. It was a complete money grab and I was not gonna be fooled. I’m a conscious consumer so I determine how I spend my earned cash! The participating parties within this overhyped fight utilized their leverage and mass media explosion to convince the very people who are afraid to build wealth, yet are completely OK with contributing to two men and their posse amassing enormous wealth in one night.

People spent countless days and weeks leading up to the fight discussing each man’s earning potential after they sucker punched millions to pay for the fight via pay-per-view. Now I can see the many folks who paid big bucks to attend the fight up close and personal. Those celebrated personalities already control some forms of wealth to be able to afford to get into the 40,000 seat arena.

If people who spent hours debating and making hectic arrangements to watch and/or even host fight parties, would devote that same energy to devising a plan to earn wealth or host cash generating gatherings, they would probably have a better quality of life, themselves. I spent my time on Saturday night not watching the fight but trying to see how I could construct a full proof plan to earn myself some extra millions.

I don’t wanna actively engage or watch men or women play a sport for big stakes, while I’m happily hustling extremely hard to build a profitable digital media network. Those same professional athletes are not betting on me! They’re not paying to see me in action. Believe me, I can perform for my share of the gate/income equally as them. Now I love sports, but I’m not gonna make them a priority in terms of their wealth building mechanism.

That fake news boxing match was a clear example of building wealth. They worked their strategy to promote, convince and deceive tens of millions of people to pay attention to their nonsense–while they were only focused on one thing–and that’s building wealth. McGregor made a most profound statement after the fight: He said that he and his immediate family will never have to (work) again and he’ll never have to box another round because this fight set them up for life!

Can anyone of you ghetto fools who paid for the fight say that? So if building wealth isn’t that important, as some people from my community would express, so why did these two men train violently for months to spend less than one hour in the boxing ring? It was to get that dough, you suckers! Until the next edition…….. Peace and One Love.

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