Publisher’s Peace: Divided We Fall


Contributing Correspondent: C. Dwayne West

Today black folks celebrate Juneteenth. It was 152 years today that enslaved blacks in Galveston, Texas learned of their freedom from the shackles of slavery. Every time I think about slavery and its devastating effects it has had not only on black people, but also this country, I feel some type of way. I try not to look at, for instance, white people in a screwed-up way, because I know presently, they’re not responsible for the actions of their ancestors over the brutal treatment of my ancestors.

The reality of over 400 years of slavery has reduced my community to unequal status as whites. But I digress from feeling some type of way about my white brothers and sisters. Today I realize that America and its horrible past has begun to catch up with itself. The (evil white folks) have caused so much damage in the world, which has been instituted on the premise of POWER! This has caused all of US to have suffered from the evils that men do!

I was reading an article over the weekend and it discussed how America hates America. We’ve become a nation that’s quick to beat each other to the ground. We have little to no compassion and we’ve become so divided that it has created dissension among even our neighbors, who we’ve spent years side by side chatting about the weather, sharing family stories and attempting to build safer communities for our loved ones.

This made me examine what I’m also seeing in the global world. It has become easy to bomb, burn, explode and shoot one another. Love, respect or appreciation for the common man has completely disappeared. The article highlighted that we have a divided government that we look to for leadership, but their harsh and divisive language and attitude has infected us all. We see them fighting and denouncing opposite party affiliation and we think it’s OK to turn against our own neighbors because of slight disagreements and beliefs.

The world has become mean! There seems to be no resolution to problems anymore. You have a problem and that makes you the problem. There are few support groups that can help ease the burden of issues that at some point, will effect us all. We share commonalities like raising children and having descent jobs or careers to advance our families. But when certain tragedies occur, we become strangers to each other and attack one another’s view points and opinions on how to even handle the unfortunate occurrences.

The only time we even look like a collective unit is when some major ‘media headline’ catastrophe happens. Only then do we seemingly stand together as a nation to support or console the individuals or groups hurt in the particular incident. But once that destructive situation leaves the daily news feed, we go back to being distant and divided.

So as black people celebrate their day of FREEDOM, we must collectively look at how the world has changed tremendously. It’s not that America only dislikes black people, this global world of separate and unequal has caused such strife and hatred for all people who do not share the same religion, identical skin color or economical status. Hate is at an all time high!

This country has become a war zone within itself. Divided minds and cultures have become an excuse to kill, steal and distrust people where you live, work and play. Dissatisfied individuals like in the shooting of the Congressman in D.C., along with massive shootings in clubs like in Florida last year, and especially the mentally challenged young hustler in urban hoods who randomly sprayed up gatherings, has caused America to be lost and divided! Until the next edition…… Peace and One Love.

I Write to Differ

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