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Contributing Correspondent: C. Dwayne West

These Works of Words mean so much to me, that I decided to reprint from last Friday’s Publisher’s Peace. There were grammatical errors and it bothered me terribly. Mainly because, again, this article was a real and relevant personal statement about my present and future objectives as a businessman, that I didn’t want the errors to overshadow my powerful and sincere lyrics. I hope my editor, who was missing last week, cleaned me up! So here we go, again:

I recently discussed about building a brand. I highlighted some of the things that my company (MIDWEST GAP Enterprises) has done and is currently doing to maintain and grow as an entrepreneur. The progress I’ve made over the years has been influenced by my determined ‘will’ to be an accomplished businessman.

About a year ago, me and one of my close confidants, who is also a businessman, were having one of our insightful discussions that focused on rebranding. He was considering his next moves and how to best position himself for the future. He was looking at his current business model and thinking about how to guide his new venture into equal success. He was looking to define his identity.

We both had the same concern which was (is) how to separate who we are from our very prosperous present business platforms to establish an expanded identity with new business interests? We had similar concerns, but because our businesses are completely different, we also had opposite objectives. Both being extremely relevant to our collective mission statement. We just had to deal with a set of different circumstances that would help us find our identities, respectfully.

Finding or defining my identity has been a concerted effort to my professional expansion over the last few years. I must admit, the one thing that has giving me displeasure as well as great joy, equally, is when people refer to me as a writer. Individuals comment on how wonderful a select story is; while others invite me to speak at events that are only centered around being a self-proclaimed writer. Both scenarios are satisfying yet confusing.

Honestly, I do not wanna be defined as a writer! No Pulitzer Prizes for journalism in my future. I’ve invested countless monies into my craft and it’s not to be a journalist. I love scripting my Works of Words. That’s evident by how good I’ve become, especially when I don’t have a degree in the much applauded art form.

I get invited to dozens of events weekly, receive press releases and/or am asked to do stories on just as many events, also each week. It bothers me when people send invites to their programs or to cover an event that’s focused on business or entrepreneurship and I’m not included as a participant. Sometimes when I see people on the panel or select guest speakers, I scratch my head. Most times, each participant is worthy of their involvement but some speakers have business credentials much lesser than mine. But I came to realize one thing–which me and my comrade confirmed. We must either define or redefine our positions.

So, from this point forward, I would like to be known for my business acumen. I will accept the identity as a writer because I’ve built my brand scripting Works of Words for consumption. This year I’m gonna do a branding campaign to promote my preferred identity as a businessman. I’ll do interviews telling my rags to almost riches story. I’ll only accept speaking engagements that allow me to present my business intellect. People fail to realize that I’ve built an extremely profitable digital media business.

TBTNews is not only an outlet for promotional and content distribution, but the news service has become a startup business that I’ve maintained for seven years. This is my identity! So recognize and check the scoreboard. Until the next edition…… Peace and One Love.

I Write to Differ

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