Publisher’s Peace: Hard Work Pays Off


Contributing Correspondent: C. Dwayne West

I don’t want these Works of Words to be an indictment on all people, especially black folks. But I believe that I’m a dying breed in terms of black progress and adversity through hard work and commitment to achieve success and prosperity.

YEP, I see some things that are relevant to my generation of people everywhere, again, especially in my community. I hear so many people who want to be successful. I talk to many folks who can outline what they want their lives to look like in regards to either building a stable professional career and or constructing a wealth building mechanism through entrepreneurship and massive economic development. But what I don’t see are people’s commitment to hard work to get the job done! What I see are individuals who wanna frame the picture but not actually spend the countless years to paint their vision on canvass.

I recently launched Image Maker Series through my TBTNews TV’ digital distributed platform. I was its first guest with host Dometi Pongo. What I wanted to do was frame my journey for others to see, because I’ve never really talked about painting my canvass. I openly and seriously discussed my attempted journey to greatness. I shared how hard and painful my self-imposed walk was and how I’ve spent many years in tears. I called it self-imposed because I was NOT fired from a job. To the contrary–I was employed and making some OK money for a mid-twenty-something young hustler.

I resigned from my gig to pursue my passion purpose–and it was very, very difficult for at least five-years. I struggled without having any clear vision of when or how I would fulfill my dream of business supremacy. I slept in my car before landing on my friends couch for a few months because I had to give up my apartment, sold all my furniture and eventually my slick ride. I moved around at least 7 times within a two-year period. I was flat broke! I misread the road to entrepreneurship and was penniless and without. Again, I decided to embark on this journey that has pained and scared me. And I have the battle wounds to show.

But what I didn’t do was burden anyone with my choices. I never told my amazing mother or anyone in my family the ordeals that I was facing each day. If I told my mother she would have come to my rescue. I didn’t want her or anyone to throw me a lifeline because I disrupted my life and didn’t feel it was their responsibility to make my bed. My mother recently found out when we took a road trip to Mississippi for a family reunion. She was shocked to hear my story.

Anyway, I wanted to highlight my hard work and struggle because I don’t see most in my peer group who’re willing to take on the hard work to achieve greatness! They’ll go through some things, I’m sure, but I’ve seen so many with great ideas but because the journey appeared too difficult that they resigned from living their dreams to do what was easiest for them. I also wanna ask how many will give up their present lives to search for and accomplish their dreams? Not because you unfortunately lost a job, but because you truly believe in yourself. That’s what it really comes down to. Do you have the ultimate belief in your abilities to go the distance and achieve the unthinkable?

I was having a discussion last week with a young and very talented brother who was giving me his advise on (my) business model. I found it to be quite interesting. I normally don’t engage in those kind of conversations, especially at an event. But his approach was on point, so I obliged. As he was talking, and may I say, he was making sense and shared some very productive ideas. Nonetheless, in my head, I was thinking about this clean-cut and well-versed young homie: I wondered if this dude had to endure the journey that I had opposed upon on myself, would he be able to stand the hurricane?

Without being disrespectful, I DOUBT IT. He reads TBTNews and I don’t wanna insult him or his emergence to stardom. But young homie, show me your rise to being a top-notch lawyer and we can compare who should be giving who advise?

My journey of hard work and perseverance has given me a certain outlook on life and all its connected roads to success. One thing I know is that there is more than one pathway to prosperity. But what’s unquestionable is that only unthinkable hard work will pay off in the end. I’m a living example of that! Until the next edition…… Peace and One Love.

I Write to Differ

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