PUBLISHER’S PEACE: Money, Power, Respect


These are the three things that black America is missing. The lack of jack (CASH) on hand and ready to invest is visibly absent. Black POWER is weak at best, and the level of RESPECT has faded.

I’ve thought long and hard about this subject and didn’t even wanna tackle its premise. But after receiving a phone call on late last Friday evening from someone I completely respect–a freedom fighter for over 50 years, I was compelled to speak my truth. Therefore, scripting these Works of Words hurt my heart. I have faith that we’ll overcome or differences and figure it out.

This iconic man called after reading the expose’ written in TBTNews about the lack of support and the disrespect towards Chicago State University. He first wanted to thank me for having the courage to be extremely forthright. He was glad I took the time to not just scream in the wind, but to highlight Paul Vallas’ lack of experience and failed leadership during his tenure at previous institutions.

But what was most pressing to me about this elder statesman’s telecommunication, was his open attack on black people and their lack of unity and hatred for each other. He said that he’s never seen anything like this in his entire adult life. Even when he was in the trenches fighting the hidden hands of power in the 50s, 60s and 70s–there was black opposition. But he expressed that if anyone didn’t get along, the opposers for instance, would stay silent and just didn’t show up to support the cause. They could not be seen or heard criticizing the movement or individuals publically or else!

Sadly, I must admit that I agree with my recent caller. Today, Negroes go out of their way to denounce and trounce each other through social media and other disrespectful mechanisms. Hating is at an all time high! I’ve refused to acknowledge this unfortunate and unwarranted behavior among my peers. But it’s so rampant that it’s hard to go a day without either hearing or seeing the venom being spit at one person or another.

What’s sad is that most people doing the hating have absolutely no clue of the damage they’re doing to our community. It hampers, if not completely stops progress. It destroys opportunities to connect for common causes and join together to fight the hidden hands of power, who’s the real enemy.

Furthermore, it restricts US from gaining any real power. It prohibits US from building significant wealth. It completely shows a level of disrespect that once the imaginary line has been crossed, it damn near guarantees that there is no return. The bridge has been doused with gasoline and completely burned to the ground. And once that over-pass is destroyed, all bets are off.

That’s how serious playa hatin’ has become within my generation. But I’m hopeful, because there are some who are trying extremely hard to build partnerships and join progressive alliances. With that said, I can’t help but notice how this group or this (click thang) is halting our steady, progressive movement.

If the majority of my folks only understood what real wealth, power and respect looks like, maybe they would have a different outlook. They’re hatin’ for peanuts. And in some cases, nothing at all. I’ve seen wealth. I’ve seen power. And I’ve seen others respect the game, if not each other. Because that’s what’s most important: Don’t hate the playa, hate the game–and work to change it for a collective winning equation!

These are some hurtful times. We know the hidden hands of power are working around the clock to prevent US from prospering. Then to have my own generational peeps jealous or envious of my’ grind, for instance, that they would rather stunt my growth than figure out how to join my hustler for POWER, MONEY, RESPECT!

->I Write to Differ…..<-

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