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I shake my head and wonder what planet is any one of many people from that I hear state there is neither a Black Agenda or nor has anyone ever presented a Black Agenda to former President Barack Obama, for him to act on.

The Black Agenda has been written in stone and with the same historic value as the Ten Commandments. The Black Agenda may even be as old as Moses’ stone-carved covenant, which He presented to His people as they were searching for the promised land after crossing the departed red-sea.

What is probably the problem with the well-documented Black Agenda, is that no one has ever been able to put in chronological order, what’s the most important issue to tackle in black America! If the dusty-old, holy grail Agenda has 10 items on it; ten different Civil Rights groups, as well as ten respected educators, along with ten spiritual leaders–all will select a special item to address. Each would think that their chosen line-item is the most important.

Now, let me tackle what I think is of most concern on this Black Agenda, to date. I’ve always thought the art of building wealth is and should be PRIORITY NUMBER ONE! Actually, it should also be priority number two and three. What’s more important than creating massive streams of cash flow? This is what most people in the black community are constantly begging the (hidden hands of power) to either donate, invest or give to them, to help solve one issue or another. So how come the ability to generate one’s own revenue stream is all of a sudden, not as important for self-preservation?

And people, regardless of what they continue to debate or showcase directly to US and the world, violence is not black America’s main obstacle, especially in Chicago. It’s not even in my top five bracket! We must be more mature in our perception of how to move the black race forward. We need long-term vision to understand how America functions and our place in its production.

Cash is what will liberate our children’s children. Free labor and wealth creation from slavery demonstrates exactly how generations of save owners’ decedents have been empowered from centuries of CASH distribution.

Our collective fight is not about any of US seeing extreme progress. If we never see, for instance, drastic police reform occur, we still must be vigilante in our fight today and faithful that our children and their children will reap the rewards of our unappreciated labor struggle, decades from now! What our off-springs will need once the victory has been celebrated, is generational wealth. So that after police departments have been forced to stop beating our children down, they can then have the resources to build (themselves) up!

Why have transformational reform, but still be powerless or without adequate representation, which is obtained by having real wealth? I don’t wanna have equal housing rights, but still can’t afford to purchase a home of my chosen. I don’t see having access to the best schools, but my finances restrict my kid from attending the educational institution of her choice.

By having wealth, communities can be erected, and families can prosper. This will reduce the crime stats. Poverty breeds the worse kind of luck. Poverty influences bad and destructive behavior. Poverty has a direct impact over parents’ ability to raise their children to be productive citizens. So you tell me, is wealth building PRIORITY NUMBER? Until the next edition….. Peace and One Love.

I Write to Differ…..

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