One of my good allies shared his opinion on a few of my ‘harsh’ words this week. It was in reference to some of our (peers) lack of focus and influence in performing their perceived responsibilities–to serve their community as corporate and political leaders.

He’s someone I’ve designated to advise me. And he oftentimes does. For the most part, I’m in agreement with his keen analysis. But there are times when we respectfully, agree to disagree. On this ‘one common issue’ in mention, we agreed on–after a sample debate between us. It’s always healthy banter when we connect. We keep each other sharp and on our toes–prepared for the enemy that lurks in the shadows, preventing justice, equality and freedom for black and brown people.

He stated that maybe I should not be so hard on our (peers) in my Works of Words. Not because he doesn’t agree with my points of view. But some of our emerging (peers) may not be mature enough to understand the totality of what’s expected of them, yet. He believes that most are actually trying to figure it out. And as they find their voice, they too will have learning curves to maneuver. He mentioned some people in general. As I evaluated those names he quoted, I concurred that some are not quite prepared to lead. They’re still inexperienced in navigating through the slut waters of Chicago politics and business.

He stated that maybe we should collectively spend time privately, attempted to educate them or give them counsel. I agreed with that. But I looked again at the names he sketched on paper, and laughed. Some of these professionals clearly know what’s going on. They’re deep into their corporate or political entities not to know (right from wrong). He agreed with me with on that point. Still, he insisted that they too need to be guided and given some instructions.

I stated to him that my main objective in Writing to Differ, especially to our (peers), is to give them some harsh lessons so they’ll not be swept up by the hidden hands of power. I want them to aim for GREATNESS, not just insert themselves into the status quo! We’ve seen what many of our comrades have done in the past–and that’s turn against their community for small and selfish rewards. He and I examined some past and current unfortunate situations where individuals have gotten lost in translation. We didn’t know if we should cry and or laugh with sadness!

I mentioned that we have to steer our progressive (peers) down the right path to freedom. We can’t let them slip through the cracks. These are smart and talented personalities who’ll join the future leadership narrative. In the next 5 -10 years, they will be at the table making decisions. We need them on the right side of history. They are soon to be presidents of major companies. CEOs of foundations and social service agencies. A few may even qualify for President of the United States.

They’ll hold titles that’ll be extremely beneficial to our movement. Therefore, it’s my job, along with other truth tellers in media and communication, to both guard them and whip them into shape. We concluded that I’ll continue highlighting in TBTNews, our need for strong and committed leaders who’ll fight for black and brown people without pause. And he’ll move behind the scene with caution; dialoguing with these immature and delicate people who do not truly understand the depth in which their desire to succeed will alter their journey.

If we collectively stay focus and remain loyal to our ancestors and future generations of black folk–we shall know GREATNESS. It’s been written! Until the next edition….. Peace and One Love.

I Write to Differ…..

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