PUBLISHER’S PEACE: Real Leaders Needed


C. Dwayne West / CEO MG Media
Sorry white people and every other race of civilians. But when black folks get the chance or placed on an even playing field, not only do WE excel, but WE become the best in that selected arena, in most cases.

Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey, Bryant Gumbel, Serena and Venus Williams, Doug Williams, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, LeBron James and his crew, Michael Jordan, Barack Obama (another black president in the future will far exceed Obama as a great commander-in-chief, and not just a symbol of black achievement). Dr. Ben Carson, Kenneth Chenault, Ursula Burns, Condelezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, and (The three ladies portrayed in Hidden Figures). The list goes on and on……

Yes, these are mainly athletes. But anyone who plays sports know that it’s not just physical talent that propels one to super-stardom. It takes an enormous amount of mental toughness and incredible intellect that drives talent to unimaginable success. You must be able to out-think your opponent on the field of play. These jocks in mention have done just that to achieve amazing accomplishments and monuments built in their names.

There are also entertainers and non-sporting efforts by some historic figures, also listed above. But sports has been the one place where blacks didn’t have to beg to participate–they just pulled up to a park in any urban community and started playing. And during their journey from park districts to stadiums, performing at the highest level for tens of millions, is evidence what can happen when the door is opened for blacks to compete.

Look at Serena for instance, who is over 35 years of age, and to still be dominating in tennis is remarkable. Her skills have not diminished, like most do at her age. You always know how to play the sport that you’ve known your entire life, but to stay relevant at the championship level, requires a mental skill-set, and an unwavering will to be great. Not just Serena, but Venus, who is still considered one of the greatest.

And it all started with Poppa Richard Williams. He should be immortalized for the family dynasty he constructed. Mr. Williams taught these two young girls how to play tennis from a damn library book. He had no knowledge of the sport and was not even a fan of tennis. He just saw a great opportunity to ensure that his children could escape the mean streets of Compton, California. What he did for his beloved children is absolutely astounding!

What a damn great America story, if not the most impressive of all American stories. Richard built two massive giants in the world of sports and athletics. He should be consulted by anyone who wants to push their kids to excellence in not only tennis, but in business, in song and dance, and even in leadership. He has the secret sauce. He knows how to present and represent. Richard understood when it was his time to vanish from the spotlight. And not when mainstream talking heads or other tennis enthusiasts said it was time.

He stayed around long enough to protect his young girls from the corrupt atmosphere of corporate thugs who wanted to attach themselves to the money train. Mr. Williams departed on his own terms. Today he lives a nice quiet life with his bank account stuffed to the max due to his daughter’s enormous success. Happy Black History Month to a great American success story. Until the next edition….. Peace and One Love.

I Write to Differ…..

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