PUBLISHER’S PEACE: Real Leaders Needed


By: C.D.W. CEO MG Media

Ever since I began on the journey of business ownership, and being actively involved in building my community; not liking, but trying to understand politics, and realizing just how education is so important to certain people–I’ve been fascinated with leadership.

Leaders are individuals who are battle tested. They can lead men to championships. They are leaders of either a few men or the masses who blindly follow. Leaders are not the richest. Leaders are not necessarily the head person in charge. You can be an anointed leader but have never proven to be a leader of men. We’ve seen that in most cases, when someone was promoted to leadership status, but were not true leaders.

Let’s use a sports analogy: Carmelo Anthony, the all-star guard/forward for the New York Knicks, has played for three professional teams during his 12-year career. On each team, Melo was the highest paid player, a repeat all-star, and the face of the select franchise. But never has Anthony been able to lead any of his teams to playoff wins that equal championship possibilities. He may be a great player, but he’s far from a real and effective leader.

Look at athletes like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Isaiah Thomas, Magic Johnson, Hakeem Olajuwon, LeBron James; each man played and led their respective teams to multiple championships. Not only that, but select players on their teams excelled after the real leader’s absence. This is what leaders of men do! They make others around them ultimately successful as well.

Other all-star ballers have been excellent players and men who’ve made the Hall of Fame as athletes, for instance. But those players were far from effective leaders; they achieved tremendous individual accolades, but they failed to lead teams to championships. These are not true or real leaders. Many have debated those facts. But from where I stand, those facts can’t be disputed.

We live in an America where individuals have either been selected as leaders by their peers or the community, or they’ve appointed themselves leaders. The age-old question is whether leaders are born or made? This has been analyzed for centuries. But what’s clear, is that leaders possess a certain innate quality that attracts other great men to wanna be on their team and take a bullet for them in battle. They know that the chosen leader will also take a bullet for the team. Leaders will sacrifice. Leaders will take full responsibility for losses as well as share in the wins with their band of men.

Real leaders will never take defeat lightly. They refuse to accept losses, but are willing to know that with each loss comes a chance for redemption. They never take the defeat so hard that it stops them from preparing for the next victorious battle. Actually, each loss fuels their desire for greatness. They acknowledge the burden they must carry and lust for the moment to play on the big stage to prove that they can carry the weight.

Today, I look very closely at anyone who proclaims themselves leaders. How effective are they at being husbands, wives, siblings, co-workers, managers, CEOs, pastors, sons, or daughters? These are situations in which leaders can be defined. You don’t have to be great in all these areas, but there is one platform that you overly compensate for more than the others.

Where are the next generation of leaders? Where will they come from? When will they rise up and lead their communities, their families, their professions? Most importantly, will they not be afraid of accepting the target that will be placed squarely on their back once they decide that being a real leader of men is in their DNA? Until the next edition….. Peace and One Love.

I Write to Differ…..

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