Publisher’s Peace: The Building of Brands



Contributing Correspondent: C. Dwayne West

I can’t express how extremely excited I am about the direction of not only TBTNews, but my entire digital media company. As we plan for future growth and success, it’s been a privilege and joy to be a part of this startup brand. I stayed the course throughout all the adversity with absolutely no outside funding. Normally, startup tech enterprises receive seed capital or venture funding, but I received none.

After only seven years (it takes a startup normally 7- 10 years to prove viable and profitable) TBTNews has become a very important communication outlet for tens of thousands of subscribers who look for our daily relevant and informative news. This turnkey operation has become such fun to create and distribute. I get a ‘high’ bringing the readers content they can use. Our correspondents are reliable and competent. They’re knowledgeable about the information they provide for TBTNews to present. I appreciate and respect them.

Let me share with you some of the most progressive work that my team and I are doing at MIDWEST GAP Enterprise, the parent company to MG Media, the entity that publishes TBTNews and distributes TBTNews TV. These brands are the lifeblood for everything that has moved and will move as we build for the future. We’ve accomplished so much but yet with so many more goals to fulfill. It’s really quite scary to think about what we’ve done in seven short/long years. It’s also impossible to conceive what more we’ll achieve over the next 3 – 5 years, as we involve ourselves in additional innovation.

For instance, not only has the news service become its own powerful brand, the addition of IMAGE Maker Series has taken a slow but steady approach to progress. We believe this new digital TV platform will become a strong part of what we do as a media company. And I wanna thank Dometi Pongo for joining and influencing this journey. His talents are unquestionable.

Soon to be launched is an e-commerce website with more content that will also drive traffic to our many targeted product advertisers. This new web-based digital portal will become a global tool for presenting specific products, travel destinations, automobile selections, job openings, real estate deals and the hottest places for entertainment. This web-based mechanism has been under construction for years. The web address will go live for consumption next Monday.

I get people around the world asking me how can they access TBTNews? But because it’s an email driven platform, unless they’re a subscriber, they can’t get its original form. This new web site will not only allow non-scribers to read continued content, they can actually subscribe to the news service from the site.

Building brands are what I love executing more than anything else outside of being a DAD. It’s the number one and most important brand that’s creating generational legacies if you perform like a father should. To have established personal and professional brands, I feel like someone who ask, ‘what else is there in life?’ Oh, I know, find a WIFE to help keep the brands flowing and growing! Until the next edition…… Peace and One Love.

I Write to Differ

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