Publisher’s Peace: The Continued Role of Media


Contributing Correspondent C. Dwayne West

Fake News will always be relevant in our highly concentrated and overly abundant news platforms today. And with the insertion of rapidly circulated social media components, and even more cable channels, the ability to consume more Fake News is right at our finger tips. Not to mention the ability for the average sucker to create Fake News headlines to distribute to the masses, which makes it more difficult to find and know the TRUTH.

There was a conversation on WVON a few days ago where talking heads discussed the validity of mainstream news outlets. It was an interesting conversation that brought out some great points. Each side concluded their separate analysis–relying heavily on their personal observation to justify their opposite positions. I was thoroughly intrigued and entertained by the early morning banter.

One person in the debate aligned with me in terms of expressing that principals and values in the news media will always prevail in the end. Even though Fake News seems to dominate our daily discussion, truth in media, regardless how it’s delivered cannot and should not be confused with what’s not real. The explosion of social media in which anyone can call themselves a journalist should not over shadow the century-long history of media, how it’s constructed, delivered and received.

Fake News is fake news. It’s not real and it’s not NEWS. It’s propaganda that’s being sold as news, similiar to how Hitler attempting to feed the countries he planned to overthrow through Fake News, that following his regime would save their lives. Eager consumers of relevant news and information should not be duked into engaging in social media gossip and relate it to being the TRUTH.

I built TBTNews from the valued principals of assembling and distributing real and relevant content to the news service’s loyal subscribers. I designed the business model from the old-school way of content creation, consumption and distribution. I knew social media was becoming a viable but questionable way of getting information, real or not. So early on I chose not to concentrate on social media mechanisms like Facebook and other microwave platforms. I respect those new digital outlets from a business standpoint. I also believe in change and innovation. But what I don’t believe in is that you can remake truth because a few hundred people (Liked or Shared) your confusing thoughts.

If you look at the highest rated television programs, it has always been shows like Extra, Entertainment Tonight and now TMZ. Not to mention The National Inquirer, Star and the Globe; each are tabloid gossip rags that consistently out sell most news magazines on the shelf. So the new online way of content creators/editors to distribute Fake News is nothing new to people’s appetite. They’ve been eating this garbage for decades and will continue on for decades more. The difference today is that anyone can distribute Fake News via social media and thousands will (share) it, looking for meaningful ways to engage and become popular because they’re starving for attention.

We just cannot be blind-sided by Fake News nor fake people delivering us confusing propaganda as though it’s real. For example: Black men being hood criminals on nightly news cannot be our narrative. And the people who report that nonsense should be taken to task. We must protest that Fake News theme. Because the role of media is to empower, enhance and to help transform the condition of its consumers for progressive purposes.

The media should not be in the business of delivering Fake News that causes America’s value system to falter. Fake News should not be allowed to disquise itself or function as news! Until the next edition…….. Peace and One Love.

I Write to Differ

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