By: C. Dwayne West / CEO MG Media

I often ponder when I hear someone say that this man or that man is a ‘good man.’ What does that mean is what comes to mind. Actually, I know what it means to be a good man, for the most part. The question for me is, what is a bad man?

There have always been bad men. I watch black and white films from the early 1900s where there are unscrupulous men who wanna take the easy road to prosperity. And there are always good men who combat the bad men. In these movies, just like in reality, taking from others who’ve worked hard to live a descent and prosperous life is the norm for the bad man. The bad man plots to steal, rob and even kill to get exactly what he wants. He has no regard for anyone else–he only wants what he wants.

Today, bad men will never have monuments built in their names. There was a time when our country honored bad men. These men lived dual lives; they were corrupt and murderous men, but they also understood how to give the community feel-good moments. They sponsored neighborhood activities. Bad men distributed needed food during the depression and even in modern times, drug dealers and hood thugs underwrote the cost of youth team uniforms. One of the most respected and celebrated bad men was Chicago’s very own Al Capone. But he’s the last of a dead breed in terms of having their evil deeds publically and openly celebrated.

In the old black and white movies as well as the cowboy films, the bad man always lost in the end. The good man most times were victorious and honored for standing strong and defeating the bad man. The community didn’t always support the good men in the beginning, they were confused about who really were the good men. It’s similar to what’s happening today, especially in a city like Chicago, where the bad man walk among the common man. They are applauded for the turkeys and other gifts they annually pass out. But these bad men oftentimes take from the community more than they give.

Where are the good men? They stand alone! And that’s the problem. The good men defend, protect and provide for their families and communities, but the community doesn’t always acknowledge the goodness of these men. And no man wants to stand alone. He wants to be surrounded by like-minded men who share commonalities and perspectives on what it takes to be great. He wants monuments built to his name. That’s why he stands up and steps out on faith. He truly believes that if he demonstrates his internal goodness, without seeking applause, good men will overthrow bad men.

Who are good men? Dr. Martin Luther King was a great man. He comes to mind first and foremost because he was a Godly man. He was a devoted family man. He was a man for the people. He knowingly performed with the idea that each day could possibly be his last day. Martin lived and died for humanity. Are there other good men similar to him? Look at the men in your circle of influence and measure them to the attributes I described about Dr. King. Where do they stand? They don’t have to equal King, because most can’t, but do they even come close?

We need good men to show themselves. We need good men to speak up, let your voices be heard. Let your strength be felt. Let your ideas manifest. And let your boldness be seen. More than ever, we need for good men to WIN! Until the next edition….. Peace and One Love.

I Write to Differ…..

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