PUBLISHER’S PEACE: The Kids Don’t Matter!



It’s time for everyone involved to finally admit that they care absolutely NOTHING about educating black and brown children in the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago!

We have a diverse body of worthless parents, school administrators, union and political officials, who are being led or influenced by Governor Bruce Rauner, House Speaker Michael Madigan, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel. And what we know for sure, is that in most cases, aside from some of the union members and select elected officials, have kids who attend public schools. The very schools that they refuse to invest needed dollars into for quality education and higher learning. This is horrendous what these so-called leaders are doing to our present and future natural resources.

There is no other way to describe what is being executed to the poor and lower middle-class kids who attend Chicago Public Schools. They treat stray dogs better! The Mayor, the Governor, along with the House Speaker, has decided that nothing moves, nothing gets done; and to hell with everyone who suffers, especially the children. They say they care about kids and their education, but from what’s being done or not done, I beg to differ!

Let me be frank: Each of them have proven to be failed leaders in their fight for advancing public schools in Chicago and Illinois. There is no other way to label the lot of them who control the state and city budgets; and they can’t make funding education priority number 1, 2 and 3! It should be just that important to make providing meaningful education the top 3 initiatives on their line-items for improvements.

I suggest that Rahm put a moratorium on building anything else in this corrupt city that is not designed to improve education, until education is funded, properly. I also suggest that Bruce write a check for $100 million to help ease the gridlock. Published reports estimate that the Governor is worth a few billion dollars. As for Mike, please resign and allow for new leadership to guide this state! You’ve worn-out your welcome!

The three of them are one in the same, just on select sides of the political spectrum. But clearly, neither of them cares about black or brown kids. Their lives don’t matter! Each man would rather throw out the bath water and the (baby) before solving the huge problem that has caused kids to suffer from lack of leadership, vision and innovation.

I told you a few days ago in my Works of Words that men who do not create real, tangible and innovative problem solving properties, don’t understand how to solve problems. They wanna rely strictly on their theory of “I’ve bought and dismantled businesses, so I know how to operate a business (Illinois).” On the hand, “I served in Congress, in the Clinton and Obama administration, therefore I know how government works (Chicago).” And the silent partner in this fiasco thinks that because he’s been elected for over 40 years, he has his pulse on the needs of all the people.

Each of these men, along with their cronies or surrogates know exactly what they’re doing. And that’s killing the spirit and the will of the people. Starve the common man out long enough and he’ll accept anything that’s presented when the time comes.

Let me be frank, again. The parents who’ve allowed this nonsense to continue is just as much to blame. They’ve not participated in their children’s education for so long, they don’t even know right from wrong! They’ve been drugged up, too drunk, and or just plan uneducated, themselves. Because no reasonable parent, collectively, would tolerate three men dictating the future of their prized possessions without camping out on each of their doorsteps.

When a rapper, a respectable brother at that, can get a meeting with the governor–and concerned parents can’t even get a returned phone call from state or city elected officials, something is wrong with that picture! And it’s not by Chance, that Chicago Grammy winning good-son, donated his personal money to help in a very small way to ease the burden on defenseless kids.

The mayor, the governor, each state and local elected official should be extremely embarrassed. Not to mention the elite black business man and woman who’ve been completely silent and absent from the plight of CPS kids. The pastors should also be embarrassed. Their congregation’s weekly donations should have long-been allocated to select schools. Let this Sunday’s Love Offering be forwarded to your neighborhood schools to match Chances’ effort.

After being provided nothing to CPS students for decades, the community can only draw one conclusion: The kids don’t matter! This is a clear-case of, FRANKLY, LITTLE COLORED BOYS & GIRLS, WE DON’T GIVE A DAMN! Until the next edition….. Peace and One Love.

I Write to Differ…..

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