Publisher’s Peace: We Must Control Our Destiny!


Contributing Correspondent: C. Dwayne West

We are truly living in some very strange times in America and also directly in our own back yards. What that means is that black folks are feeling the heat right in their own communities. And there is no one who seem to have the best interest of the Negro race other than maybe the Negro common man.

He must step-up and demand to be treated with respect. He must wake-up and see clearly that the majority of his elected officials are not on his side. The elite and accomplished businessman has no love for him. He must turn the page and call his own plays. He must finally realize that he’s in this battle for salvation all alone. And if anyone is available to assist him, it comes with a heavy price. A tab that he most likely cannot afford.

Yes, I know that relationships, networks and building alliances are crucial to one’s survival and progress. But for over 400 years, the Negro man has been tricked, bambozzled, fooled, bribed and arrested unlawfully. His freedom has been stolen and his self-respect has been called to question. His dignity and his ability to earn what he can produce has been ripped from his strong hands. He’s not even been given an equal playing field in which to utilize his God anointed talent, hustle and intellect to provide for his family.

How can a man control his own destiny when he cannot even work for his pay? In Chicago, black men have the highest unemployment in the country. These same men are absent from basic construction sites where they live, work and play–and no one even cares, especially political operatives who allow for this injustice to occur. Black men are being jailed and or finding themselves with criminal records, which prohibit them from gaining meaningful employment. How can a man control his own destiny and also be the lifeline of his family with these awful situations prevalent in his life?

Knowing these facts can only lead the Negro man to do one thing: Come together and execute a plan that will give him power over his own domain. Work jointly to secure respectable places within your community to build relevant jobs and employment opportunities for each other. Stop waiting, hoping and praying for an outside savior to spare you of the task that can only be accomplished by the Negro man.

Find your identity. Understand the strength that you possess. Solve the problems of your community and don’t wait for your enemy to give you cover. Wake-up your neighbor and insist that each of you wake-up others on the block who’ll play a major role in the controlling of each of your own destinies.

Freedom will only come when you truly want to be free. Liberation will surface when you believe that you deserve to be liberated. Your destiny will be obtained only by your actions and your actions alone. It’s imperative that you control your own destiny my brother. There is no other way! Until the next edition…… Peace and One Love

I Write to Differ

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