Publisher’s Peace: Why I Admire Colin Kaepernick


Contributing Correspondent: C. Dwayne West

So many celebrated and even regular people talk trash about how other people live their lives because they’re afraid to actually live their own worthless and meaningless temporary visit on this earth. They’re quick to play arm-chair quarterback at other’s expense. As I always state to callers on talk radio, readers of the printed word, and talking heads on cable or network television, if you’ve not been on the ground level getting your hands dirty, please SHUT UP!

The art of sacrifice is real. It should not be taken lightly nor should anyone criticize another person for his or her respective sacrifices in life, especially those who challenge the status quo and who ‘walk the walk’ and ‘talk the talk’ to prove their ‘just’ cause is one that’s ‘just.’

Everyone today is quite familiar with the journey of NFL Pro Bowl quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his decision to not stand for the singing of the National Anthem. He took some serious and vicious heat during his protest of the mistreatment of black boys and men in this country at the hands of corrupt law enforcement personnel. Colin’s ‘just’ cause was also for the right of black men to work and assemble and protest injustices that have prohibited his people from being progressive in this great nation.

Most of the talking heads on sports talk radio and cable outlets thought his denouncing of the flag was a fad. They didn’t know this brother’s heart and soul. They couldn’t believe someone in today’s capitalistic America would sacrifice millions of potential dollars to stand for what some labeled a lost cause. Even some of his professional peers turned their backs on him during this daring show of leadership and courage. Muhammad Ali would be proud.

The reason I feel people who were and still are critical of Kaepernick is because they don’t have the guts to stand up. But deep down they wish they did. If you’re black and you’ve lived in this country for more than 20 years, you know exactly what this racist nation’s past and even its present look like. There is no way most blacks can deny these facts because they’ve probably seen America’s mistreatment of people of color first hand. Some may be in denial, but they can’t hide from the TRUTH.

Colin decided to use his platform to discuss the blind realities that most people have kept so very quiet about America’s hypocrisy. He pulled the covers off the king-sized bed and exposed the dirty sheets riddled with bed bugs. The kind of insects that bite and leave deep but invisible bruises. These bigoted two-legged creatures are most times hidden from the naked-eye. But this strong and fearless young man made his mind up that he was not going to lay down and relax in another set of glorified infested silk sheets anymore.

Since the end of professional football season, Kaepernick has been busy trying to discover his mission in life, while others seem to be concerned with his football status. They don’t understand that football is not his life. He made that perfectly clear during his protest. Colin understood the ramifications of his actions, therefore he didn’t go into those arenas deaf to what millions would express about his stance. His eyes were wide open. He stated that he’s made more than enough money to last his entire life. And to show his commitment and love for the TRUTH, he started donating his earned cash to meaningful charities.

Kaepernick has been on a global mission to visit his Motherland and other nations that share his legacy and ancestral lineage. This week while most Americans were celebrating July 4th, my new hero was visiting Ghana and other African countries connecting with the TRUTH. I hope he finds his Piece of Peace. Lord knows I’m looking for mine!

I feel blessed to have witnessed a real American hero during my lifetime. I salute this dude for giving me even more inspiration and courage to stand up and be heard and not just seen. Until the next edition…….. Peace and One Love.

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