Q&A we sat down with Attorney Parks  and this is what was said:

Q: How should teens and young adults engage law enforcement? What should they know?
A: It’s important that we understand that law enforcement has the right to talk to them and to ask them questions. They have an obligation to cooperate with law enforcement. It’s important that they understand when dealing with law enforcement, you keep your hands visible, you shouldn’t make any sudden movements, they have the right to not be searched. But if the officer decides to go ahead and search them any way, they have to cooperate.
Q: What if you aren’t sure if this person is in law enforcement?
A: They should ask that person who they are (to identify themselves), but they have no duty to obey that person.
Q: You are the immediate past president of the National Bar Association. How was your tenure?
A: It was great. I had the chance to go around the country to represent our people. It was a wonderful opportunity and I am very grateful to have a chance to represent minorities of color throughout the world.
Q: How do we decrease the crime rate in Pensacola?
A:I think the leaders in the community have to take charge and lead, I think the citizens in the community have to take responsibility for their neighborhoods. I think the community has to assist the police in getting those people off of the streets. It’s that easy. It’s that simple. At the end of the day, we have to take responsibility for our neighborhoods. You don’t let people keep wreaking havoc in the home.

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