Que-Capades Celebrates Scholarship Ball


The BETA Omicron Chapter of Omega Psi Pfi Fraternity, Inc. and Omega Golden Rule Foundation Inc. held it’s annual Que-Capades Scholarship Ball Saturday night, Dec 23, 2016, at the beautiful Sanders Beach-Corrine Jones Community Center,

This festive event was very successful.

The Que Ball as is generally called has been around since 1935. Back in the day, historically, the Ball was the biggest and most successful social event from 1953 until 2005. The Que Ball was the “place to be” on the last Saturday of December for years.

Ques annually presented a talent show the entertained the audience causing everyone to laugh and clap with joy to see the Que Brothers entertain and perform.

There was a crowning of “Miss Omega Sweetheart” following the show.

The Queen of the Ball would obtain her crown through fundraising events held prior to the Ball. Funds generated from these activities went to “give scholarships” to deserving high school seniors the following spring as they went off to college. Additionally, the Ball profit went to support many community programs and organizations including the Talent Hunt program, feeding of the poor, and elderly, blood drives, Sickle Cell and American Diabetes, etc. Thousands of dollars were generated and donated back into the Black community. A souvenir Booklet of community business and personal Ads were generated and shared with patrons and business donors.

This year, The Ques provided a “Que Cake” for the patrons as this marked the 63rd year of continuous Que Capades Ball. “We started at Pensacola Bayfront Auditorium in 1953,” said Dr. Marion Williams.

“Without this Ball, all the scholarships which have been given since 1953 could not be given by Beta Omicron Chapter/Omega Golden Rule Foundation, Inc and no public support for kids, the poor, elderly and now.”

“It takes a village and it takes public support in order for the Ques to serve.”

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