Que Capades Hold Annual Ball

By Marion Williams, Ph.D./
40 year member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Saturday night December 28, The Beta Omicron Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and Omega Golden Rule Foundation, Inc. held its annual Oue-Capades Scholarship Ball at the beautiful Sanders Beach-Corrine Jones Community Center.
Blast from the Past…….
The Que Ball as is generally called has been around since 1953. Back in the day, historically, the Ball was the biggest and most successful social event from 1953 until 2005. The Que Ball was the “place” to be on the last Saturday in December for years.

Present Que Scholarship Ball….
The Ball starts now at 7:00 p.m.
This year several new things were added. The Que Ball is now sponsored by the Beta Omicron Chapter and its Omega Golden Rule Foundation, Inc. (501.C.3).
The Ballroom at the Corrine Jones Center was well lit and decorated with colorful Christmas cones. For the first time, the QueCapades Ball featured two buffet tables of delicious heavy hors d’ oeuvres and fruit. There was a professional photographer, DJ and caterer available to assist the guests in having an excellent evening of fun.

Every half hour the Ques held drawings for superb door prizes headed by Bro. John Warren, Jr. The delightful prizes were donated to the Omega Foundation.
Each guest was given free tickets as they entered the door for the drawings. Additional tickets could be purchased. This event seemed to generate some fun buzz in the audience. Some of the door prizes included $50 Gift Cards, Free Car Washes, Bags of Tools, Dine Out cards, Free Monthly Gym memberships at Pensacourt, to mention a fee.

The jazzy music permeated the Ballroom until 10:30 p.m. and the “Show” began. Bro. Norm Ross served as Master of Ceremonies. Ques once again got down. Three young brothers, Michael Young, Derrick L. Thomas and Jhonny Denis, a UWF post graduate student, aka “The Drifters” were the main performance.
The young men did an old Christmas standard- the Drifters’ “Jazzy White Christmas” Song. The Neos (New members of the Chapter) performed and entertained the audience in the stellar fashion that past Ball patrons have grown to expect. They moved like the Drifters, sang (lip sync) like the Boys-to-Men, and danced like the Impressions. Derrick ended the show with a”James Brown” split and the audience clapped with joy. But the act was not over, yet. The young Ques came down to the dance floor and finished up with the “Que Stomp” to the “Atomic Dog”song. Several local brothers from the area joined the Neos as the DJ finished the act.

Brother Norm Ross, continued as MC for this portion of the program. All Ques were called to the floor to sing the “Sweetheart Song” followed by “Omega Dear.” The Ball continued as many in the audience joined the crowd on the dance floor.

Next year’s, QueCapades Scholarship Ball is scheduled for Friday,
December 26, 2014. All adults are invited to attend this annual event.

Without this Ball all the scholarships which have been given since 1953, would not be given by Beta Omicron Chapter/Omega Golden Rule Foundation, Inc. and no public support for kids, the poor, elderly and now, the homeless could occur. It takes a village and it takes public support in order for the Ques to serve.

We want to thank all of our supporters to help make this event a success.

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