Racist at Home Revolutionary in the Streets Community Brings Progressive Thoughts

“ Go out as far as you can and start there” It is this quote, spoken by guest speaker, historian Robin Rashard, that had an audience captivated Thursday night. On November 16th the Race and Reconciliation was co-hosted by Stronger Together Northwest Florida for its first session Racist at Home, Revolutionary in the Street.
Held in the Earl J. Bowden building in Downtown Pensacola, the night started with activities based white privilege as well as a small Question and answer with Reshard. From the attendees in the audience it was clear for the majority that spoke that they were there to gain a better understanding of racism towards people of color in our society.
“We accept all party members to our group but are definitely progressive” says Jennifer McCarthy co-chairmen of the education committee of Stronger Together Northwest Florida
The group started shortly after the recent presidential election as an issue oriented activist group, but has since progressed to be more local and nationally focused.
McCarthy continues to say “The series was first
See Racist At Home Revolutionaty pg 5
begun because many of us have been to Race and Reconciliation before as audience members and we’d see guest speakers and panelists that covered feminism, nationality or things people here may not have heard of before, and that’s ok, we want to bring them in. We are coming from different perspectives and different backgrounds on what racist and racism is.”
Historian and author Robin Reshard says the title of the presentation came from when she heard a white woman say “I don’t see color, I’m not prejudice, I don’t have any biases,” that’s how I got to thinking it’s like were racist at home revolutionary in the street.” Reshard added.
“We have to big and bad and bold enough to have that conversation and to move forward it has to start with ourselves so its individual, institutional and systemic, are challenges. You have to start with the individual then the institutional will change because the people inside those intuitions are changing and so, the then the systems change.” says Reshard.
This presentation is the first of three sessions which will continue in January and February respectively.

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