Re-Imagine Warrington welcomes children and families

The rain did not stop people from coming out to enjoy the entertainment, free giveaways, food and donated clothing being distributed Saturday at Reimagine Warrington held at Moreno Court in Pensacola.

Over 2,000 community members came out to participate in the annual event.

“We served 1200 people groceries, 93 people received haircuts, and 40 women receive manicures,” said Linda English, coordinator of the event.  “We also distributed at least 2,500 pieces of clothing.”

Reimagine Warrington is an annual event co-sponsored by Streets and Lane Ministries of Pensacola, a non-profit ministry that assists the needy in Escambia County. The event not only brings the community together, but also brings the churches together to fellowship and spread a positive influence.

“One lady asked why is it that the city of Pensacola could not be like this all of the time,” English said, referring to how many of the event’s participants enjoyed the festivities.

“This is the goal of ReImagine,” she continued,  “we don’t want to have walls around us:  we want to have love.  We want to share, we want to always have everyone work and love together.”

For more information on Streets and Lane Ministries of Pensacola, please visit:

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