By Wesley Martin
The Gulf Coast Youth Sports Alliance held Jamborees across the region last Saturday, August 25.
The G.C.Y.S.A. was formed to organize and align youth football and cheerleading activities for communities along the Gulf Coast. The G.C.Y.S.A. currently provides organized youth tackle football and cheerleading to nearly 9,000 children ages 5 -14 in 18 cities and parks along the Gulf Coast area.
The G.C.Y.S.A. is an independent non-profit organization that provides a common set of rules for its member parks to compete by. Member parks and organizations have their own board of officers and govern themselves separately from the Gulf Coast Youth Sports Alliance.
The G.C.Y.S.A. strives to provide youth athletic programs which reach out to the youth of the Gulf Coast area regardless of race, color, gender, religion, or economic, ethnic or cultural backgrounds along with maintaining safe and sound mental, physical and moral conditions for children.
The G.C.Y.S.A.’s objective to inspire players, coaches, and parents to practice ideals of good health, citizenship, and character through their participation in competitive sports.
Stay tuned for an upcoming schedule of events.

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