Real Women Radio Launch Party Event



By: Tonya Jackson

After much planning, entrepreneurs Sharia Beasley and Nicole Dixon introduced the world to their new online radio station, Real Women Radio (RWR). This innovative station is tailored towards the needs of women. Men are not forgotten at RWR, but they are the station’s target demographic.

Many know Beasley as the creative, event planner at Pensacola Improv. However, she and her business partner have just started their second business together this year with the creation of RWR. As the

Sales & Marketing Director she is making sure everyone knows about their brand. Beasley shared, “Nicole and I have different styles and personalities, but together we are stronger than we could ever be apart. This station is a labor of love that will allow the voices of black women to be heard as never before. I am excited about this venture! Saturday we had over 300 listeners, including one in Germany. It’s official; we’re already international!”

Dixon is the Executive Director of the Gulf Coast African American Chamber of Commerce, but her love of women, women’s issues, and radio led her to become the driving force behind RWR. Her vision is for “a station that caters to black women and their needs. I want to change the way black women are viewed and heard. When I was trying to find dynamic keynote speakers for the Chamber’s annual ‘Women of Power’ conference, I was disappointed that it was difficult to find the caliber of women we needed to attract and inform our audience. The more I thought about this issue, the more I knew I wanted to change this dynamic. With Real Women Radio, we have an opportunity to change the perception people have of black women.”

Before their launch, people constantly asked the pair to describe RWR. Dixon shares, “This is an online radio station. You can go to and listen to us day or night. You listen to us the same way you listen to Pandora and other streaming online radio station. As the Program Director, it’s my job to make sure we’re playing the music our audience wants to hear. I also make sure that we are bringing the content that interests our listeners.”

The content Dixon mentions includes a talented group of hosts who cover a myriad of topics. Some of the programs you can find on RWR include The Get Up Morning Show with Beasley and Craig Franklin. Women Speak, Heidi J Afternoon Drive and TJ & V with Grown & Dating. Furthermore, on the lineup you’ll find DJ Cory T “The Peoples DJ” Friday Mix, Cultural Economics with J. Samuel, Stylish Behavior with Queen Sara, Walking in Your Purpose with Kay Mitchell, Doing the Most with Q, and Real Women Real Talk with Dixon and D’Shaum.

The Launch Party Weekend for RWR was a three-day event. On the first day, all the hosts participated in the Lip-Sync  Show. The show was an exciting and fun way to introduce the hosts to the public. The second day was a block party at the RWR station. With food, fun, and an additional opportunity to meet the RWR personalities, there was something for everyone. RWR personality, DJ Cory T “The Peoples DJ” and the up-and-coming  DJ J provided the music. On the third day, the party moved to Five Sisters for the PHP Sunday Social Real Women Radio Launch Party featuring the Okaloosa Sound.

RWR personalities began their live broadcasts on Monday, May 23rd. You can listen to RWR 24/7 online at

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