Rest In Peace NAOMI



Our heartfelt prayers go out to the family of Naomi Jones, who was abducted from her home on Wednesday May 31, 2017 and her precious body was found Monday afternoon at 4pm in the Eight mile Creek, 4 miles from her home.

It is heart breaking, not to mention devastating, to know this little girl will never have a life to grow to become a wonderful woman, professional person, wife or mother.

It’s also heartbreaking that the killer or killers are still in our mist acting as if everything is ok.  We must as parents and neighbors become vigilant of our surroundings and unusual activity.

Somebody out there saw something.  Perhaps you are not sure of what you saw or feel that it may not be important.  I beg you, please help us find Naomi’s killer.

When I heard the news, I cried as though she was my own flesh and blood.  I was horrified.  How could anyone harm a child, a sweet innocent child?  This predator must be caught and punished!

I prayed and asked God to help this grieving mother and family and to help heal our hurting community.

Murder itself is the most grievous act of selfishness there is. But to murder a beautiful young, innocent girl on the verge of young adulthood is unthinkable.  No one truly understand the pain Naomi’s parents and family are going through unless one has personally and unfortunately experienced tragedy like this as well.  I pray we never have to experience this awful tragedy again.

We often say it takes a village to raise a child.  It’s time for us to become a village to protect our children.

Parents, when you get home tonight, don’t scold your child because he/she didn’t do what you asked of them.  Instead, go to them, hug them, kiss them and tell them you love them.  For you have an advantage.  Naomi’s parents will never get to hug or kiss their child again.

If you have any information, to help bring Naomi’s killers to justice, PLEASE, come forward so that her family can bring closure.

Jacqueline Miles


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