Robin Reshard, Creative Director for Robert Robino Productions, Launches New Show “Inside Voices”


By: Tony McCray

Robin Reshard, Creative Director for Robert Robino Productions, is stepping out once more into new territory of creativity with a new TV Show called Inside Voices.  The show is scheduled to air in March of this year.  Robin, in an interview with the Gulf Coast Voice Newspaper, said she embraced that title for the brand name for the show because she felt that content will provide a chance for the audience to get the “backstory” on her guests. In other words, the show is a chance to learn about the person being interviewed and why they make certain decisions in their world, social life and their cultural landscape. Robin wants her audience to walk away with a perspective not only of the program’s guests but she hopes that they will know more about themselves.

Her first guest is a dynamic leader and consultant out of South Florida, Dr. April Young.  She has been a principal in the Miami-based public interest consulting firm, New Equity Partners, Incorporated since 2011. Young has extensive experience in program evaluation, community engagement strategies, and program design.  Prior to co-founding New Equity Partners, she served as Vice President for Justice Initiatives at the Collins Center for Public Policy.  Among her major projects was the design of an assessment of senior and disabled residents for Chester (Pennsylvania) Housing Authority’s Chester Towers HOPE VI redevelopment.  The findings were presented to HUD and the federal receiver court managing the housing authority.  April subsequently led the team working closely with Chester Housing Authority on strategic philanthropic and entrepreneurial efforts to secure supportive services for the Chester Towers population and other public housing residents.

Additionally, Young is a social anthropologist who has worked extensively on questions of community change in urban areas. Her “Overtown Men’s Health Study” (2006) has received international attention as a rare empirical data set on urban residents, men, and health.  She works globally on men’s health policy and programs, emphasizing social determinants of health, especially poverty and incarceration.

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