Romney Wins Florida Primary 

Mitt Romney Speaks to Pensacola
Mitt Romney wins the Florida Republican Primary by a large margin Tuesday night gaining nearly 48% of the vote. Prior to the election, however, the top two candidates visited Pensacola on their last final push across the Sunshine State.

“This nation is the greatest nation on earth not just because of the wonderful people we are, but for the principles that made us who we are – the American spirit,” he said. “I don’t think the president understands the power of those principles.”

While campaigning on Saturday at local Pensacola restaurant, Fish House, Romney told attendees what he would do differently: increase the nation’s military presence.

“I would add 100,000 active duty personnel to our military,” he said. “I think [President Obama] has a view that America is in decline and that the best course for America is to appease and accommodate … he is comfortable at reducing the capacity of our military.”

Aside from likening Obama’s foreign policy to “doomsday,” Romney says, if elected, he will improve our nation’s energy crisis.

“I will actually get licenses to the people who want to drill for oil and gas … I will make sure that America becomes energy secure and energy independent,” said Romney.

The former Governor of Massachusetts admitted to the “massive” waste within federal governmental spending, namely the Department of Defense. But he has a plan.

“I want to take the money that’s being wasted and instead of sending it back to social programs, I want to make sure that we rebuild the Navy … that we have the personnel we need on active duty and that we care for veterans in the way that they deserve to be treated,” Romney said. 

Presidential GOP candidate Newt Gingrich rallied for support on Monday at the Pensacola Aviation Center.

A crowd of over 500 convened to hear the republican candidate on his final day of campaigning before Florida’s presidential preference primary on Tuesday.

According to a Suffolk University poll, Gingrich is behind opponent Mitt Romney by 20 points.

The former House speaker seems to have garnered support from some Northwest Florida Tea Party members.

“We know that we need a small government, lower taxes and a government that enforces the Constitution,” said Mike Hill, president of Northwest Florida Tea Party. “That is what Gingrich is for.”

Hill, who spoke at the Gingrich campaign event, further stated, “When I first heard him in 2008 I said I wish he were running for president then . . . now he is.”
Escambia County Commissioner Gene Valentino (R) followed Hill by addressing allegations against Gingrich.

“I know a guy who has the character for this job – that man is Newt Gingrich,” Valentino said.

The Commissioner (District 2) also stated that Romany’s talking points on Gingrich’s alleged past ethical violation were false.

“I think it is horrible what they are doing with their negative and untrue attacks on Gingrich . . . I am asking you to support Gingrich tomorrow in this local election.”

Former President Ronald Reagan’s son, Michael Reagan, endorsed his support for Gingrich at Monday’s event.

“Gingrich … is the most true conservative that can beat Barack Obama,” said Reagan. “He has done more to bring republicans to elected office then any other person I know in the country.”

With great and rousing applause Gingrich seized the stage and requested adamant support.

“Of all the ads,” added Gingrich, “the one that makes me the angriest is questioning my conservative principles by a man who was a registered independent [and] who gave money to democrats.”

Gingrich further added, “I can’t tolerate Romney questioning my Reagan principles when he wasn’t there.”

Gingrich says he believes the liberal “establishment” desires for either Romney or Obama to hold the presidency.

“I think it says a great deal when you have liberals tell their counterparts that there is no real difference between Obama and Romney,” said Gingrich, alluding to Romney’s former moderate governmental acts. “It is Gingrich who [they] are truly worried about winning this election.”

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