Jan 27

Santa Rosa Agency Dismissed

If Santa Rosa County Commissioner Chairman Jim Williamson gets his way, then after March 31, Team Santa Rosa will be no more.

“I just thik that we need to move in a different direction with a different name and different personnel and board,” Williamson stated when telling the Pensacola Voice the reason for not extended TSR’s contract with the county.

“I mean with the lawsuits and the way they are managing their affairs, I think that they are giving the county and the area a black eye.”

However TSR Chairman Dave Hoxeng thinks that the motive is purely political. “I think the main reason they want to do this is because of a personal problem they have with the Executive director Cindy Anderson and not with the work that we are doing at Team Santa Rosa” Hoxeng exclaims.

In fact, according to employment numbers, just over 1,400 jobs have arrived in Santa Rosa county over the last 3 years and Hoxeng gives a great deal of the credit to TSR. “I am not saying that we were in part with all of those jobs, however, a great majority of them we were involved with.”

Idle Hosman, TSR public affairs director was not greatly surprised about the sudden outcome. “When we went for the contract extension with the county back in Sept. and were only given six months, we knew that something more abrupt could be coming, be we were not expecting this sort of an immediate dismissal of our contract.”

TSR is an economic development authority and is financed as a public/private partnership. TSR has been intimately involved with marketing and driving jobs to the Santa Rosa county region.

For the last two years TSR was receiving $413,000 annually from Santa Rosa county taxpayers while also receiving monies from the cities of Milton, Jay and Navarre.

The final vote for this movement will be at the next Santa Rosa County Commissioner meeting to be held Thursday evening Jan. 26. Please stay tuned to PensacolaVoice.com for more information.


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