Jan 27

Santa Rosa Ranks 2nd Escambia County Ranks 44nd in 2011 Florida School District Rankings

TALLAHASSEE – Santa Rosa County School District ranked second in the list of 67 state school districts in a numerical ranking released today by the Florida Department of Education. The district-by-district ranking is the first phase of an initiative that will soon include a list of all of the schools in the state ranked by number within the three main school groupings: elementary, middle and high school.

The goal is to make it easier for parents to assess school district performance. “Education is our highest priority,” said Superintendent Tim Wyrosdick. “As educators, we see ourselves as servant leaders who demand excellence and put kids first. We have tremendous support from our community and our partners. They understand that quality of life and high quality education are tied together.” Superintendent Wyrosdick said that the district uses data-driven progress monitoring with teachers reviewing data daily so they can identify where they may need to intervene with students early in the year to help them improve.

The numerical ranking is based on each school’s total points derived from FCAT scores. The total is the sum of scores for reading, math, science and writing; learning gains in reading and math; and scores for learning gains in reading and math among the lowest 25 percent of students in each school.

The school district ranking is determined by the school grade points they earned based on the assessment scores of all students in the district that were enrolled for the full year. “Santa Rosa County deserves congratulations for this accomplishment,” said Florida Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson. “Ranking in the top ten takes commitment, hard work and collaboration not only from those within the educational setting; it takes the support of the entire community.” Commissioner Robinson added that everyone benefits when students receive a high-quality education: parents, educators and taxpayers.

Also found in the rankings, Escambia County ranked 44nd, up from 54th just last year. “I think it still is great when a ‘B’ ranking school system is still ranked 44nd. I think that says a great deal for the direction FLorida’s education system is going” Escambia County School Superintendent Malcolm Thomas states.

Pointing to a flaw in the grading system, Thomas states, “I am not particulary happy with the methodology used in the grading process, however, we are doing better and we are going the right direction.”

The district rankings can be found at http://www.fldoe.org/SchoolDistrictRanking/. You can view Commissioner Robinson’s comments regarding the rankings at http://www.youtube.com/educationfl.


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