Seniors celebrate Senior Follies

By Wesley Martin

Last week the Pensacola Senior Follies held their 15th annual musical production in the Jean and Paul Amos Performance Studio at Pensacola State College.

This year the theme for the performance was “Broadway, Rock ‘N’ Roll and All That Jazz.”

“I was involved in several dance numbers this year,” said community activist, Vivian Lamont. “One was a dance number to a Beatles tune,” she said with a light laugh. Unfortunately, the 73-year-old grandmother of five contracted laryngitis and was unable to perform vocally on Sunday’s final showing.

Still, Lamont insists working with other seniors to put on a production was immensely pleasing. “It’s a joy,” she said.

“We practiced twice a week for three months and then we did our production.” Lamont also said she particularly likes that the Follies give back to the community.

“We take all of our proceeds, after expenses, and give them to senior citizen organizations,” Lamont said. “I enjoy what I’m doing and I know I’m helping somebody.”

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