Shrinking the Pensacola City Council?

By Greg Fink

After frequent talk for the last couple of years about the large size of the Pensacola City Council, Pensacola City Councilman
Larry Johnson has brought a plan to the table for an elimination of the two at-large seats. According to Johnson, this would
save the city monies as well as empower the African American community.

“I think that first, the council it too large, we are a city of 52,000 residents and there are nine board members. The county has
five county commissioners for a population of nearly 300,000 residents” Johnson reiterates.

Johnson goes to explaining about the stronger need for racial equality on the board stating, “We have district that are primarily Afican American and now their issues will have a better chance at the voting table since their will be fewer council persons to work with on the council.”

Johnson explains that today, there are three predominately African American districts in the city and that 3 out of 7 is much better than 3 out of 9 when it comes to bringing their important issues to the table.

The timing of these reading also fit in line with the current special election for the former Clay Ford state representative district 2 seat.

Johnson explains, “With the first reading on April 25 and the second reading on May 9, we will be able to place the wording on the ballot for the June 11 special election. This will save nearly $50,000 sure to be spent if we were to send it out as a special referendum on it’s own special date.”

Johnson further comments, “This is the best way to ensure the citizens are truly taking control of their government and the way it is managed.”

Please stay tuned to the Pensacola Voice as well as other local media about the unfolding events reagrding this very important issue.

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