Sickle Cell Miracle Camp a Hit with the Children

The camp was a unique experience for the kids as a unique experience for us (the adults) too>” began Walter Wallace, founder and CEO of Sickle Cell Organization.  “Normally the go to miracle camp with their family.  This year, we decided to give the parents a break and just have the children come to miracle camp and have a little bit more fun and further their education about their disease.  Also, this was an opportunity to learn what the children know about their disease,” said Wallace.

Medical personnel were also there to give them more information about their illness and to monitor everyone to ensure their well being.

“Friday night we had a marshmallow roast and the children really enjoyed themselves.  This was just one of the many events that the children enjoyed.  Hopefully, we will be able to expand even more. However, this event was most importantly, and event to further their education about their disease and how to talk publicly about the disease and its traits every day.” Stated Wallace. 

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