By Wesley Martin

The Sickle Cell Disease Association of EscaRosa hosted two events last weekend. On Friday, September 14, the organization held their ninth annual awareness banquet at Englewood Baptist Church. On Saturday, September 15, the organization held its’ 24th Annual Golf Tournament at the Osceola Golf Course.

On Friday, over 250 attendees enjoyed the delicious cuisine of Englewood’s food ministry as they listened to health care professionals speak on the disease. And on Saturday, 40 participants played in the golf tournament which began at 8 a.m.

“The tournament  is a two-person scramble, which means you take the best tee shot of the two players playing as a team  … and you do that all the way through the hole,” said Adrian Stills, manager of the Osceola Municipal Golf Course.

“It’s a good format because you don’t have to be a good player,” Stills continued. “As long as somebody can play a little bit between the two of you — you can get around the golf course quickly and everybody has a lot of fun.”

Leslie Hunter-Huff, Outreach Coordinator for the association, said the purpose of both events were two-fold.

“One: it’s a fundraiser for the organization,” she said. “And it’s an awareness event. It gives us a chance to target a specific population, who might not attend other awareness events, to come out and have a good time but also learn a little about Sickle Cell Disease.

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