Silk Performs at Angel McShanes’s Business Mixer

Once again Angel McShane brought Pensacola together with a business mixer spotlighting different businesess and business owners.
As the crowd of nearly 400 mingled and enjoyed the evening,business owners were recognized for their services.  “I believe in giving back to the community,” said Angel McShane.  If we are ever going to make our neighborhoods better, we must support our Black businesses,” she said.
McShane is noted for her work in the community giving to non-profit organizations and organizations that help young African American children.  “Our children need role models.  They have no one to look up to in our neighborhood.  There was a time when in every neighborhood, there was an adult that we could look at to patern our lives after. That’s no more,” she said.  Drugs have rampaged our neighborhood and we have to restore  the examples that can lead our children into a better way of life,” she said.
As the evening progressed, the crowd was treatedf to entertainment by ‘Silk’.

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