Some lose out on CMPA Contracts

BY: Wesley Martin

On May 16, 2012 the Community Maritime Park Associates held a board of trustees meeting at City Hall. At the meeting, citizens were informed of Affordable Concrete’s, a local construction company, long and tedious wait for pay.

”We started [work] the Friday before I signed the contract,” said Rhonda Goggans, owner of Affordable Concrete. Goggans said her husband, who also runs the business with her and oversees the majority of the physical labor, attended to meetings for two years to make sure that they would be apart of the project.

Goggans, a subcontractor, said she received the $35,000 back pay owed to her last week.

“I would have never signed this [contract] if I did not see a profit,” she said.

But, Goggans said capital gain wasn’t her only reason for wanting to be apart of the Project.

“Of course any small business, especially an African American business, would want to be apart of something that big,” she said. “But to get into something that big and to have to come out of my own pocket and be in debt with my company, I just see that as wrong.”

“ … And this is the first time, in 15 years of doing business, that anything has cost me money,” Goggans continued. “Dealing with the City of Pensacola, I never thought this would happen. That’s why I did this, because it was for my city. “

Others, however, disagree with Goggans claims like Mike Horton, owner of Magi Construction and the general contractor for the Community Maritime Park Project.

“I think that the part we’re missing here is that Affordable [Concrete], in reality, has spent way more producing the work than they are bringing in – revenue,” Horton said. “That would be like me going a million dollars over my GMP (Gross Metropolitan Product) and saying, ‘oh guys, I went over, I need a million bucks.’”

A full video recording of the May 16 meeting is available at:

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