East Pensacola Rattlers Clash With West Pensacola Tigers

By: Wesley Martin
The Allbritton and Gant Rattlers and the Pensacola Tigers were the stars of the town last Saturday, October 20, at the 23rd Annual Soul Bowl. This year’s annual meet up was bigger than before with it being held at the newly constructed Community Maritime Park.
Dennis Brown, athletic director of Magee Field says the original purpose of the event was two-fold: to breed unity amongst the Eastside and Westside communities while also acting as a fundraiser for both parks (Magee Field and Legion Field) to supply equipment and uniforms for children.
Brown, who has held the position for six years, says he feels the event was a success.
“The kids, I know, had fun,” Brown said.  “I know the parents did, our cheerleaders had fun and the coaches definitely had fun.
“It was in a nice environment, beautiful day and it was prosperous,” Brown added. “We definitely raised a lot of money and I think overall everything turned out great for the kids.
Henry McAway, past president of Magee Field, says this year over 5000 people attended the event.
When asked why the event draws such a huge crowd, McAway says it’s the friendly rivalry.

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