Southern Christian Leadership Conference honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. & Rev. James S. Young

Rev. Dr. James S. Young (r) gives remarks at MLK Plaza as Rev. Hugh King(l), President of SCLC looks on

Friday morning, the community gathered at the MLK Plaza to pay tribute Dr. Martin Luther King and also honor Rev.Dr James S. Young for his contributions to the community during the Civil Right Movement.

“Dr. King gave us a prescription and medication to deal with violence,” said Dr. Bernard LaFayette Chariman of the Board of Directors for the National SCLC.  “And that prescription basicaly is to respond to violence with non-violence.  Violence cannot stop violence.Martin Luther King said, you can murder a murderer, but you cannot murder murder.  He has given us the formula.  And what he says to us through his writings and teachings is that we must be united.  The community must be united and we can change the the violence in our community. It’s not what you experience in life that makes the difference, its how you choose to respond.”

Dr. LaFayette went on to admonish the young people to stop the violene.  “You know what’s going to happen before it happens.  You must take up the torch and become the example to show others the non-violent way of life.”

Dr. Young organizer of the SCLC organization in Pensacola, was given a plaque in appreciation for his dedication and loyalty.  “When Dr. Young went to Birmingham and met with Dr. King, he was determined to begin the SCLS here in Pensacola,” stated Art Rocker Assistant to the Board of Directors National of the SCLC.


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