Southern Gentlemen Takes Pensacola by Storm

Sunday evening Pensacola was treated to music at its finest as Joey Summerville, Michael Ward, Eric Essix, and Kyle Turner took to the stage at Shelia’s Its Personal Venue.

Playing to a standing room only house, this group left no musical stone un-turned as everyone either tapped their feet or moved to the beat of the superb melodies on stage.

Whether they played together or solo, each artist delivered an astounding array or tunes that took the audience back to a place and time where music was truly music.

“This is a Jazz lover’s dream,” stated one of the guests at the show. And a show it was as ‘The Southern Gentlemen’ opened the show with their dynamic style, fans immediately got in the groove with the funky yet smooth style of the rhythm.

As an added bonus, guests were served heavy hors d’oeuvres of lightly seasoned chicken wings, dirty rice, croissants, a variety of chesses and fruits, before the show began.  “We wanted to make sure our guests really enjoyed themselves at this venue, “said Sheila Greene of Its Personal. “This was much needed for our audiences in the community.  I am looking forward to bringing more attractions of this nature to Pensacola.”

Michael Ward, known for his articulate strokes on his violin played to the audience as if there was no tomorrow.

Joey Summerville not to be outdone, serenaded the ladies in the audience with his trumpet.  Each note clearly defined to make even the deaf enjoy the vibration.

Kyle Turner played his saxophone with such passion that if you didn’t get into the instrument, by the time he finished, he made you wish you could play the sax.  The man blew his heart out.

Eric Essix, the youngest inductee into the Alabama’s Hall of Fame didn’t hesitate to show or stroke his stuff.  Playing with a tint of George Benson’s style, this prominent young man brought to life a guitar that was reminiscent of B B King’s “Louise”.

Together, The Southern Gentleman gave Pensacola a real taste of Jazz in the South.

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