Speaking Out: What a Leader should be

by Jacqueline Miles

It’s amazing how we have lost track of words like integrity, honesty, morals and respect.  Have we become so desperate for the things of this world that we are willing to sell our souls for a few morsels of money, recognition and stature?

When we stoop so low as to lie on our brothers, hold secret meetings, take those small dollars for the sake of winning, then we have lost the race before it has begun.

Character has been lost. Money cannot make good character or a good leader.

A good leader, first of all must know how to serve.  For if he (or she) cannot serve the people how can he lead?  He must be patient, wise, willing to learn and be willing to brave through adversity.

We most importantly must learn to work together and not continue to fight among ourselves.

For when we fight among ourselves, we have accomplished nothing and we ALL lose.

We must learn to focus on the issues not the created distractions.

When choosing a leader, ask yourself– has he presented a strategy to overcome concerns, is he committed or is he just running for the status?

I personally, want someone that has a plan to lead me and my future generation to a better way of life.  Not just business as usual.  That’s just my opinion, what’s yours?

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