Stedman Graham Brings Message to Pensacola

This past Monday afternoon, internationally known motivational speaker, author and community leader Stedman Graham brought his message of Identity Development to nearly 80 community leaders and concerned citizens at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church.

Graham talked to those in attendance with an effort to try to have a person learn more about focussing more on their personal inner core while in the process of developing their personal ID.
“When you don’t know who you are, you don’t work on your self and when this happens, you are not productive and the world will leave you behind” Graham explains.

“The world has a way to define you by your religion or define you by your age or define you by your skin color… Do not let others define you… You need the tools to define your self and to find how much value you can create in a 24 hour day.”

Graham re-iterated, “If you believe you are less than, than you will be less than. This is what you must not be and this is what you have to change.”
Graham started talking about the most powerful motivator which is love. “With love it is based on feelings, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness. This is what you must have to stop the madness and forgive yourself to find yourself in this world.”

Graham continued with the crowd and had nearly 10 people from the audience come forward and talk about what first comes up when they think of love.
After this process Graham went on to talk about his 9-Step Success Process while also talking about the needs for communities to come together and work harder to strengthen them from the schools to the churches to the streets.

Graham is chairman and CEO of S. Graham & Associates, a management and marketing consulting firm that specializes in the corporate and educational markets.
Graham has authored eleven books, including two New York Times bestsellers, You Can Make It Happen: A Nine-Step Plan for Success and Teens Can Make It Happen: Nine Steps to Success. His latest release, Identity: Your Passport to Success, was on the Wall Street Journal Bestseller list. Graham has also launched an online course, in partnership with the University of Phoenix, based on the Nine Step Success Process® which supports Identity Leadership development.

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