Stop it About Hillary!



By: C. Dwayne West / CEO MG Media

Stop trying to convince me about Hillary Clinton! She’ll get my VOTE! Just be honest and admit that Hillary ain’t that good of a person. But, she’s a whole lot better than Donald Trump, that’s for sure!

Therefore, with the two options that’s presented, most normal thinking Americans will reluctantly select Hillary with our sacred vote! But ‘tell the truth,’ and lets move on; Hillary leaves much to be desired. So stop trying to sell ME– an adult, educated, and very smart man, about someone who I have absolutely no love for. In my mind, she’s not the best candidate. But again, she’ll get my VOTE!

Yes, her qualifications are unmatched based on her 30 plus years in politics. So what? How many black people’s credentials have been outstanding? Did they even get ‘the’ job scripted for them? Heck NO! Most don’t even get the top job, let alone the one that they’ve trained for. What makes Hillary so special?

Here is what’s gonna be the deciding factor for both candidates: The view point of Millennials. That large group of fresh voters think that Hillary is a joke and Trump is a jokester! They’ve seen and heard too much about both candidates. And if they had their choice, they’ll select a 3rd party nominee– and it seems like that’s exactly what they’re prepared to do. They’ve not been bitten by the ‘I’m With her’ Clinton bug or the ‘Make America Great Again’ propaganda from Donald’s loyalists.

Not to mention that the last Presidential debate was more like an episode of the Jerry Springer Show. Why should Millennials vote for such buffoonery? The real tragedy is that these candidates have ruined what we all say is the sacred home of the most moral house in the world. I can’t believe what we’re seeing and hearing. We judge and criticize the common man for being a deadbeat, but we reward two rich elitists as they prove also to be deadbeats– with no morals. We have two candidates who probably should be in jail, actually.

And here’s what’s really sad– that even with a man who has proven to be free of scandal, because of party loyalty, President Barack Obama has to endorse someone he beat eight years ago, and at that time stated clearly, that she was not fit to lead this country because of her dishonesty.

I’ll be glad when this election is over and we can finally have the first woman President. Whether it’s Trump or Hillary, though, here is what I’m adamantly suggesting: Black people, get your lives together! Educate your children and raise them with deep moral beliefs. Control your communities and build responsible and sustainable families. Start more businesses and go the extra mile to build wealth and create jobs, jobs, and more jobs. Acknowledge the plight of the less fortunate and lend a hand to uplift the common man. Because based on what I’ve seen coming from both candidates and their sordid pasts, each of them will give very little to The Black Agenda.

I totally disapprove of Hillary’s tarnished background. I’m pissed with her husband’s massive carnage that he inflicted on black men. I completely dislike her inability to bring economic investment to my community. With that said, just stop it, already! Hillary Clinton will get my vote! Until the next edition….. Peace and One Love.

I Write to Differ…..

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