Stop the Violence Campaign Takes to the Courts

Saturday afternoon young men and young women gathered at the E S Cobb recreational center to support the movement of Stop the Violence in the community.

Young and old listened to various speakers talk about ways to get involved and how to stop the violence.

It’s going to take a village to take back and to save our communities from violent acts and crime, which confirms the importance of everyone, including kids, teenagers, young adults and adults of every race to get out and be a part of the solution,” said Tony Edmond, Inspirational Speaker. Therefore, it was an honor for me to seize the opportunity to drive from Panama City to speak and to be a part of the, Stop Da Violence 7 (SDV7) event.

“A Few years ago we had a stop the violence campaign. Roy Jones and I get along with a lot of people.  But because a lot of people don’t get along in the streets, we discovered that we would get along on the basketball court. So, we decided that to do a Stop the Violence Rally on the basketball court would be a good thing to do.  We understand that this won’t stop the violence but it would bring attention to it,” said Bill Marshall.

The basketball campaign has been bringing people together for several years.  Not only do young men get their game on, but young women from throughout the community get together and play also.

The event draws celebrities from around the country. “We’ve had a lot of celebrities stop in and play ball with us,” said Marshall.

“We must stay diligent and consistent with precise and firm determination in order to “Stop the Violence” and increase the peace in our communities, said Edmond.


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