Summer Bash Ends With a Bash

Children throughout the community gathered at the Truth for Youth Building to enjoy the last minute of pleasure before getting back to school.  Cloudy weather or rain did not stop the crowd from participating in the last Summer Bash of the year.
Armed with backpacks and lots of goodies for the back to school crowd, volunteers passed out school supplies and played games as well as enjoyed good food brought in by various vendors.

“The summer youth celebration ended with well over 300-400 families coming out to receive supplies,” said Rev. John Powell.  “Councilwoman Jewel Canada Wynn donated $500 from her discretionary funds and Councilman Gerald Wingate donated $1000 from his discretionary funds and we really do appreciate them.”

“We are also thankful for the churches that donated.  This included Damascus Road.  To say that we had food was an understatement.  We have to let everyone know that we had some vendors that went over and beyond the call for our children.  H&O Café donated chicken, Arlene’s Barbeque made pulled pork sandwiches and The Dwarf Chicken Restaurant also contributed,” said Rev. Powell.

“We would also like to thank WRNE for their support.”

Robin Reshard and Linda Thompson came and reintroduced the group to the history of Belmont and Devilliers and also Black history.

Not only was it a fun experience but an educational one as well.

Truth for Youth continues to work to help children in the community that may not have the advantages of others.  If you desire to help with contributions and/or gifts to help a child in need please call 850-393-0332.  You can’t receive a blessing until you are a blessing.




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