Summer Fest Comes To Pensacola Beach

Fantasia Rocking the crowd

Saturday morning at 8am the line began to form as people stood patiently to be admitted to the 1st Annual Summer Fest held on Pensacola Beach.

Artists such as Jeff Floyd,  Big Rob, One Accord Show Band, Mint Condition, Keith Sweat and Fantasia lined the venue to entertain the multitude of approximately 3,000 attendees.

Although there was a period of rain, that did not deter the crowd from enduring the downpour to enjoy a day of fun and good times on the beach.  “The rain felt really good.  I got soaked but was dry in 10 minutes”, said one concert goer.

Big Rob (L) and Sonshine drives the audience wild

SonShine of radio Magic 106 was there emceeing the event and adding her special touches
as she introduced the artists and greeted everyone from the stage.  “Hello Pensacola!  She screamed.  Are you ready to party?  We are here to enjoy the first Summer Fest at Beach Pensacola Beach,” she continued.” After a brief list of ‘do’s and don’ts’  the show began.

Temperatures reached the high 90’s and no one seemed to mind as umbrellas of various sizes and colors decorated the area.

First to take the stage was Jeff Floyd singing most of his latest tunes including ‘Lock My Door’.  Everyone was in the mood to party.  And a party it was.

Big Rob and One Accord Show Band kept the crowd on their feet.  Big Rob added laughter as well as demonstrating his showmanship to the onlookers.

Keith Sweat entertains with smooth grooves

One Accord Show Band, homegrown, played and sang to Old Schoolers and well as the younger set.  No one was left out.

As each artist gave their all, dark approached and the people danced, clapped their hands and swayed to the beats.

Mint Condition played their new releases as well as their oldies and Keith Sweat brought the ‘Sweat Hotel’ with him.  Singing to the ladies, Keith had everyone either standing, dancing or smiling as he crooned his way through the show.  At one point he exclaimed “6 minutes?” That’s how much time they say I have left.”  But that did not stop the artist from completing his last song to the audience.

By now, the evening was wearing on and the audience was on their feet as they greeted the final and high energy act of Fantasia.  Wearing a solid white cat suit, showing off her lean and toned figure, this young lady danced and sang her heart out.  “I want all of you to come up here close so I can talk to you,” she said.  From that point on it was on.  Moving across the stage in a Tina Turner fashion and singing style all of her own, Fantasia had everyone on their feet dancing and singing to her melodies.

As she sang her last song, only one thing could be said:  “Fantasia was Fantastic!”

Summer Fest 2 see you next year.


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